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ownerWilly Tarreau
last changeSun, 13 Mar 2016 23:57:21 +0000
2016-03-13 Willy Tarreau [RELEASE] Released version 1.4.27 master v1.4.27
2016-03-13 Baptiste Assmann MINOR: cfgparse: warn when gid parameter is not a number
2016-03-13 Baptiste Assmann MINOR: cfgparse: warn when uid parameter is not a number
2016-03-13 Panagiotis... DOC: add server name at rate-limit sessions example
2016-03-13 Ben Cabot BUG/MEDIUM: config: Adding validation to stick-table...
2016-03-13 Willy Tarreau BUG/MINOR: chunk: make chunk_dup() always check and...
2016-03-13 Thierry FOURNIER BUILD: freebsd: double declaration
2015-11-18 Willy Tarreau BUG/MEDIUM: http: switch the request channel to no...
2015-11-05 Lukas Tribus BUG/MINOR: acl: don't use record layer in req_ssl_ver
2015-11-05 Willy Tarreau BUG/MEDIUM: config: count memory limits on 64 bits...
2015-10-27 Cyril Bonté FIX: small typo in an example using the "Referer" header
2015-10-27 Vincent Bernat CLEANUP: don't ignore debian/ directory if present
2015-10-27 Willy Tarreau CLEANUP: .gitignore: finally ignore everything but...
2015-10-27 Willy Tarreau CLEANUP: .gitignore: ignore more test files
2015-10-27 Andrew Latham DOC: Address issue where documentation is excluded...
2015-10-27 Christopher... BUG/MINOR: http: Add OPTIONS in supported http methods...
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