descriptionhaproxy-1.5 public tree. Stable production code.
ownerWilly Tarreau
last changeThu, 6 Oct 2016 13:26:23 +0000
2016-10-06 Lukas Tribus MINOR: show Running on zlib version master
2016-10-06 Lukas Tribus MINOR: show Built with PCRE version
2016-10-06 Lukas Tribus BUG/MINOR: displayed PCRE version is running release
2016-10-06 Chad Lavoie MINOR: cli: allow the semi-colon to be escaped on the CLI
2016-10-06 Willy Tarreau BUG/MINOR: payload: fix SSLv2 version parser
2016-10-06 Willy Tarreau BUG/MAJOR: stream: properly mark the server address...
2016-10-06 Willy Tarreau BUG/MAJOR: stick-counters: possible crash when using...
2016-08-09 Willy Tarreau BUG/MAJOR: compression: initialize avail_in/next_in...
2016-08-09 Olivier Doucet DOC: minor typo fixes to improve HTML parsing by haprox...
2016-08-09 Willy Tarreau BUG/MEDIUM: stream-int: completely detach connection...
2016-06-30 Willy Tarreau Revert "BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix potential memory leak in...
2016-06-30 Willy Tarreau BUG/MINOR: init: ensure that FD limit is raised to...
2016-06-30 Willy Tarreau BUG/MINOR: init: always ensure that global.rlimit_nofil...
2016-06-30 Pavlos Parissis MINOR: systemd: Perform sanity check on config before...
2016-06-30 Pavlos Parissis MINOR: systemd: Use variable for config and pidfile...
2016-06-30 Dragan Dosen DOC: http: add documentation for url32 and url32+src
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