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ownerWilly Tarreau
last changeMon, 28 Sep 2015 14:55:49 +0000
6 days ago Willy Tarreau BUG/MEDIUM: proxy: do not wake stopped proxies' tasks... master
6 days ago Willy Tarreau BUG/MEDIUM: proxy: ignore stopped peers
6 days ago Willy Tarreau BUG/MINOR: config: check that tune.bufsize is always...
6 days ago Willy Tarreau CLEANUP: config: make the errorloc/errorfile messages...
6 days ago Willy Tarreau DOC: clarify how to make use of abstract sockets in...
6 days ago Willy Tarreau BUG/MEDIUM: acl: always accept match "found"
2015-09-08 Willy Tarreau BUG/MINOR: tools: make str2sa_range() report unresolvab...
2015-09-07 Willy Tarreau BUG/MAJOR: http: don't call http_send_name_header(...
2015-09-07 Willy Tarreau BUG/MINOR: http: remove stupid HTTP_METH_NONE entry
2015-08-27 Willy Tarreau DOC: fix example of http-request using ssl_fc_session_id
2015-08-27 Thierry FOURNIER DOC: ssl: missing LF
2015-08-24 Willy Tarreau BUG/MEDIUM: counters: ensure that src_{inc,clr}_gpc0...
2015-08-24 Willy Tarreau MEDIUM: config: emit a warning on a frontend without...
2015-08-24 Willy Tarreau CLEANUP: .gitignore: finally ignore everything but...
2015-08-24 Willy Tarreau CLEANUP: .gitignore: ignore more test files
2015-08-24 Willy Tarreau DOC: mention that %ms is left-padded with zeroes.
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