descriptionhaproxy-1.5 public tree. Stable production code.
ownerWilly Tarreau
last changeWed, 8 Jun 2016 08:41:49 +0000
2016-06-08 Thierry Fournier BUG/MINOR: http: add-header: header name copied twice master
2016-06-07 Thierry Fournier BUG/MEDIUM: sticktables: segfault in some configuration...
2016-06-07 David CARLIER CLEANUP: connection: fix double negation on memcmp()
2016-05-19 Vincent Bernat BUG/MAJOR: fix listening IP address storage for frontends
2016-05-10 Willy Tarreau [RELEASE] Released version 1.5.18 v1.5.18
2016-05-09 Cyril Bonté MINOR: stats: fix typo in help messages
2016-05-04 Willy Tarreau BUG/MEDIUM: channel: fix inconsistent handling of 4GB...
2016-05-04 Willy Tarreau BUG/MEDIUM: stream: ensure the SI_FL_DONT_WAKE flag...
2016-05-04 Willy Tarreau BUG/MAJOR: channel: fix miscalculation of available...
2016-05-02 Willy Tarreau BUG/MEDIUM: http: fix risk of CPU spikes with pipelined...
2016-05-02 Willy Tarreau MINOR: channel: add new function channel_congested()
2016-04-25 Willy Tarreau BUG/MEDIUM: channel: fix miscalculation of available...
2016-04-25 Willy Tarreau BUG/MEDIUM: channel: incorrect polling condition may...
2016-04-25 Willy Tarreau BUG/MEDIUM: channel: don't allow to overwrite the reser...
2016-04-21 Willy Tarreau MEDIUM: unblock signals on startup.
2016-04-21 Cyril Bonté BUG/MINOR: fix maxaccept computation according to the...
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