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ownerWilly Tarreau
last changeMon, 18 Aug 2014 12:33:48 +0000
2 days ago Lukas Tribus MINOR: ssl: don't use boringssl's cipher_list master
2 days ago Lukas Tribus BUILD: ssl: don't call get_rfc2409_prime when using...
2 days ago Lukas Tribus BUILD: ssl: disable OCSP when using boringssl
2 days ago Lukas Tribus BUILD: ssl: handle boringssl in openssl version detection
12 days ago Baptiste Assmann BUG: config: error in http-response replace-header...
13 days ago Cyril Bonté BUG/MINOR: checks: external checks shouldn't wait for...
13 days ago Cyril Bonté BUG/MEDIUM: checks: segfault with external checks in...
13 days ago Cyril Bonté BUG/MEDIUM: checks: external checks can't change server...
2014-07-30 Willy Tarreau BUG/MAJOR: tcp: fix a possible busy spinning loop in...
2014-07-29 Conrad Hoffmann MEDIUM: Improve signal handling in systemd wrapper.
2014-07-29 Conrad Hoffmann BUG/MINOR: Fix search for -p argument in systemd wrapper.
2014-07-29 Godbach BUG/MINOR: server: move the directive #endif to the...
2014-07-19 Willy Tarreau BUG/MEDIUM: connection: fix proxy v2 header again!
2014-07-17 Dave McCowan BUG/MEDIUM: connection: fix memory corruption when...
2014-07-16 Willy Tarreau MEDIUM: http: add the track-sc* actions to http-request...
2014-07-16 Willy Tarreau CLEANUP: session: move the stick counters declarations...
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